Over the years CynerGreen has answered the call when the need arises for a specialty product.  Our solid relationships and creative minds allow us to easily pivot and create solutions where a problem exists.  

Manufacturing is, at its' best, challenging.  During the COVID-19 crisis we wanted to help.  We have leveraged our relationships overseas and come up with a solution for face masks.  Our current manufacturing capabilities include making surgical facemasks, KN95 and N95 facemasks along with isolation gowns and other PPE so necessary for our healthcare workers.  These items can be produced in large quantities of over a million per day and immediately shipped.







Learn more at CynerGreen Health and Wellness:










The FaceMask America website is available to the public to purchase masks for your family and friends:


CynerGreen Cares.  We care about the future of our families and yours, and our world.  If we can help you during this time, please email our team at  May God Bless you and keep you well.  #wereinthistogether.

Danelle and Joe Hoffer, Founders